The Pocket Protector


Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item

The Pocket Protector

Having a pocket protector comes in handy it allows you to hold certain tools in them so you're always ready. Just like a website it holds and show key factors that would want your audience to view, rather it is a blog, services, how to's, E-commerce, etc whichever one it is let's do it right with a powerful lighting fast website, unique to your business, beautifully made with fine coding and dynamic framework, highly responsive on all screens and SEO friendly. So the next time you purchase a shirt with pockets don't forget a pocket protector so you're always ready.

What's Included:

Domain: We provide you with a domain of your choosing including a variety of end extensions (ex: .com, .store, .blog, etc) and up to 1 year free

Hosting: We will also receive 2 months of hosting from our dedicated servers with no boundaries

Design Customization: Unlike our premade startups we start off with a blank canvas. We are the artist and all we ask for our clients is to be as creative as they want to be from the littlest to the wildest thing you can create on the web. TheNerdnMe takes pride in pushing the boundaries, with our rich knowledge and experience with programming, allows us to create and experiment with anything and everything thrown at us. Let's just say the possibilities are endless. Just like Allstate "you're in good hands"

E-Commerce Functionality: Have products you want to display online so everyone can see. TheNerdnme provides you with a powerful eCommerce platform, that is highly secure and provides the best in gateway payments so you can receive funds instantly.

Content Creation: Everyone may not have great content to place online that is why we provide you if needed, amazing content that will go natively with your business, rich content that is never copyrighted always fresh, organic, and SEO friendly.

Responsive: Unlike many that will make a website and forget almost 75% of people use not just desktops, but over the years we have seen more people viewing the online world through their mobile phones, tablets, etc. We make sure your website comes out responsive on every device so that you can retain more customers on your website.

SSL: With every premade startup we provide a free high-security end-to-end encryption SSL to protect you and your customers from any malicious data attacks.

Revisions: TheNerdnMe takes pride in servicing our customers that's why we provide up to 4 revisions on anything on the website if you are satisfied or need a change.

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