Pay a deposit of $125.00 per item

Kickstart your business with high-quality responsive websites that will give you an online presence like no other.

TheNerdnMe Introduces the Kick-Starter package, recommended for those that want to jumpstart their business, services, or just wanna get their feet wet fast and efficient with no hassles. Get up online in just two days.


What's Included:

Domain: We provide you with a domain of your choosing including a variety of end extensions (ex: .com, .store, .blog, etc) and up to 1 year free

Hosting: We will also receive 1 month of hosting from our dedicated servers with no boundaries

Design Customization: Choose from any of our premade startups. Once we received your selection, we go over an intensive overview to customize the website to your business liking, this will include any logo, colors, content, etc that was provided by you.

Content Creation: Everyone may not have great content to place online that is why we provide you if needed, amazing content that will go natively with your business, rich content that is never copyrighted always fresh, organic, and SEO friendly.

Responsive: Unlike many that will make a website and forget almost 75% of people use not just desktops, but over the years we have seen more people viewing the online world through their mobile phones, tablets, etc. We make sure your website comes out responsive on every device so that you can retain more customers on your website.

SSL: With every premade startup we provide a free high-security end-to-end encryption SSL to protect you and your customers from any malicious data attacks.

Revisions: TheNerdnMe takes pride in servicing our customers that's why we provide 2 revisions on anything on the website if you are not satisfied or need a change.

Delivery Time: Yes that's right get your new website in just 3 Days. We know once you have an amazing idea to share with the world you want to get online as fast as possible that's why we work day and night to accomplish and satisfy our customers we go plus ultra and make delivery fast and possible. We never take as much as we can handle for quality is better than quantity and we TheNerdnMe stands firm on that.



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