SEO Solutions  to Grow Your Business

TheNerdnMe is at your service by growing your business with growth strategies and robust implementation to get your website to the top of search engines.

Core Values We Stand By 

Let’s face it. You know what you need but just don't know where to go.
That's where we come in to simplify it. With the SEO Core Values we stand by:
Thenerdnme helps you reach the top of search engines with clean efficient strategies

Informative Content

Content is "KING" with that being said
we create eye catching content, embedding
highly quality keywords within your website,
and optimizing your website structure.
Google will love you and your clients will thank you.

Visitor Growth

"A house is a home with a family."
Just like a website you need visitors to make it a business. TheNerdnMe takes a step further to help you grow in traffic by doing intensive research on competitors and your business niche to provide you with a high quality turnout in organic traffic.

Google Analytics

Without data a lot of business would not know
what are there top selling products, are they getting new or returning customers, what page is getting high traffic, or the simplest question is there anybody on my website? Making sure you understand your business data is crucial. Thenerdnme makes it a point to implement a powerful but simple analytics tool to help you understand how your business is doing.

Innovative Strategies

There are many variations of SEO Strategies, and can get very confusing an messy on which to choose. That's why we make it easy as pouring a cup of juice with pulp lol, We believe in our Core Value SEO Strategy that has constantly given our clients proven results. Always being transparent, clean and efficient the way google and other search engines like it.

Link Building

Allow us to build your business a robust link strategy to boost your search rankings. By linking your website to high quality websites that are native to your website. Giving your business trust values with google and other search engines

Want a Free SEO Quote?

 It's better to get the protector if you have pockets
By: a nerd

SEO Plus Ultra Packages

SEO Plus

Down Deposit: $62
✓ (15) Keywords
✓ Website Audit
✓ Content Creation (1)
✓ Technical SEO Optimization
✓ On-page Content Optimization
✓ (20) HQ Backlinks
✓ (1) One Month Reporting
✓ Keyword Research

SEO Premium

Down Deposit: $125
✓ (25) Keywords
✓ Website Audit
✓ Technical SEO Optimization
✓ On-page Content Optimization
✓ Content Creation (3)
✓ On-page Hygiene
✓ (35) HQ Backlinks
✓ (2) Month Reporting
✓ Keyword Research
✓ Competitor Research

SEO Prime

Down Deposit: $175
✓ (50) Keywords
✓ Website Audit
✓ Advanced Technical SEO Optimization
✓ On-page Content Optimization
✓ Keystone Content Generation
✓ On-page Hygiene
✓ (50) HQ Backlinks
✓ (4) Month Reporting
✓ Keyword Research
✓ Competitor/Niche Research

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