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SEO Tips - 5 Ways to Build Back Links and Increase Your Website Link Popularity


Link building is a very important factor that will determine whether your SEO campaign is a success or failure. Every successful SEO campaign has a strong link building campaign. Link building is the number one way to improve your website rankings in search engines. Every successful SEO campaign has a lot of backlinks as well.

In this article, I will show you several ways to build backlinks and increase your website link popularity.

1. Posting on Link Forms and Small Directories

Many people post on link forms and small directories not realizing that it does not affect their rankings in the search engines. It is better to use these two methods than to post on 1000 blogs with a link to your website. If done right, it will bring you traffic; but the short-term results will not be so great.

2. Posting on Article Directories

You can write an article on any subject and submit it to the top 100 article directories. If you do this, you have the opportunity to post a link to your website in the resource box. In addition, most article directories allow you to post a link inside the article. In this case, your article will be seen by many people and might even get posted on blogs and other websites.

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3. Creating a Keyword-based Page

You can use your keywords to write a unique page title for every page of your website. If you are not very good at writing titles, you can let others do it for you by registering and creating an account with Web artificials and let them (or you) use the Website Name restricted slot to put your website name in. This slot is awarded to the website owner for each website that uses their name as the only title on the page. This is a great way to boost your link popularity and gain more traffic to your website.

4. Blog Commenting

Posting blogs and commenting on other blogs is another common link building method. Most blogs give you the option to post your website name as well. Most blogs allow you to write your own opinion or include a link back to your website. If your website relates to the subject of the blog, you will see a lot of traffic and possibly a lot of new customers or clients.

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SEO Tips - 5 Ways to Build Back Links and Increase Your Website Link Popularity 4

5. Social Media Activities

Social media activities are just as important for your website as with any other form of link building. Many social websites allow you to create a page where you can post your website. You can also 'like' or 'share' other people's content and give your website even more exposure. There are many social media websites available and increasing your popularity on the different social websites will help you attract more potential customers.

These are just a few of the great link building methods that you can use to help you build your online presence. You should also beware of any link building worth doing that involves hurting your site. For example, hacking your website and installing Google toolbar in your browser with the exploit of exploiting a bug in the Google ranking algorithm. There are too many hackers and spammers using this method today to provide any benefit.

This article was written by Masson from the TheNerdnMe that was so frustrated with the simple fact of people building bad backlinks and wanted to give them the correct guidelines of backlinking when it comes to SEO. Now get started to outrank the top competitors in your niche today.

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