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Secrets You Should Know To Rank High In SEO Optimization

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You've created your website but you don't have any traffic. Everybody has told you that SEO optimization is important. But nobody has provided you with concrete (proof) that it is more important than others. Well, here it is: The key to obtain massive traffic in SEO optimization and get your page ranked high in the search engine.

The key is Images 

How many do you remember reading from the book "Information Anxiety" by wins J.ullivan? A lot, right? Well, if you don't know anything about SEO optimization, you will think that is because you have read too much info on the subject on websites such as eHow and StepYourPages that gains high authority by giving the search engines rich content.

So what are these images, anyway?

Placements. These are just a few (but very important) factors to consider when working with your website to get it ranked highly. You have noticed when you look at any traffic radar map that the websites on the right side are getting the most traffic, and that is because those websites place their "share" of the blame on the shoulders of others.

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How can you place your "share" of the blame on others?

Have you checked your cached pages? If you have recently updated your blog's pages (and I am not asking you how old your site is because I haven't heard of you), a lot of the older cached pages for your site will be grayed out and in the last number of weeks, those older pages have defunct dates in the file.

Those files are names of what people used to visit your site. unique titles for your pages (not domains, but page titles), common "alt" tags for images that are blank in your CMS.

If you take all these items on each of your web pages and you optimize each page individually, you can pretty much 100% insure that you will rank higher than your competition if you do a broad search.

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Secrets You Should Know To Rank High In SEO Optimization 4

How can you take the laziness out of blogging?

Well, you know how to blog right? You know how to research good blog topics, you know how to work with others, you even know how to dislike someone who is forever blabbering away about something irrelevant to your interests.

Well, try not to be a perfectionist and just try to do what you want to do. Assess your topic from a fresh perspective, which perhaps you have never given much thought to.

Create a few products, with eye-catching photos and descriptions to catch the attention of your viewers.

Try to include other popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and YouTube in whatever you are trying to promote.

If you are selling items, suggest ideas for future e-commerce areas that could be built. Make sure you get your keywords in your tags, and that the links you provide are proper.

Do your research, listen to your audiences, and base your content on those ideas. Once you have your audience growing, you will see that they are already coming back for more.

It takes time to gain this natural exposure, and between you and your audience, it probably won't happen within 30 days.

Let's assume that with the above info, your site gets indexed by Google within 10 days.

That would mean that you are indexed 800 days, and given an SEO rank of maybe B. This is what would often happen. Way too much from what I would call a "BE ALL ALAS."

The next step would be to increase your awareness and get targeted traffic. Use web directories, forums, blogs, and focus on at least three phrases.

The way to do this is to go to Google and type in "free web directories." When you type that in, you will get a long list of directories to choose from categorized by professionals in the area.

Generally, you would choose the ones highest on the list that is free, but as you can see, many aren't free. It's all about exposure and SEO.

There are also many forums on the internet associated with your business. Participate in them and add value to the people and communities that you are involved with. Generally, you wouldn't have to worry about setting up links here and there because most forums allow you to put your website in your signature line.

There are many forums that are specifically for your industry, and I would suggest that you make a focus of this on the business side of things. This will bring new visitors to your site and have them associate with your business because of what they have heard you are offering.

You must be an active participant in forums related to your business. Don't go to just any forum to inquire about advertising. People are curious to know what you are providing/advertising and will be more welcome to check out your site.

Give your business the Online Presence it needs!

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