From fixing desktops to tech-savvy coding, and now Full-Stack Web Development. I come to the terms that I just did not learn all of this for me, but also to help build businesses by providing great and honest solutions so I can better serve you. Everyone has the right to place their ideas online, and that's why I created TheNerdnMe. With a few like-minded nerds that's just want to inspire, create, and serve others, and give you and your business an online presence. We focus on valid, semantic HTML that’s search engine love and easily maintainable. Stylesheets are strictly organized, and we maintain the current best practices, with modernized HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP. Everything is beautifully responsive and works across a variety of devices and browsers. Frameworks and code-trends are always being monitored and learned by us to ensure that we are always giving you the best efficient code that is easy to maintain and read and user friendly. It’s our job to ensure you never have to touch a line of code or SEO ever again. When it comes to getting traffic for your website just look towards TheNerdnMe once again we specialize in SEO (Search engine optimized. Being on top of our game knowing the right course of action to take and keeping up with search algorithms to make sure your always ahead of your competition. No matter if it's keyword research, backlinking, content creation, and social media marketing. We are your No 1, In-House Full-Stack Web Developers.

Hello again, I'm your fellow CEO of THENERDNME

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