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In this case study, you'll learn how we were able to skyrocket Rydoo a SAAS website throughout the ranks of Google. This site is now receiving over $10,000+ a month in estimated organic traffic value alone! 


This is a software as a service business (SAAS) with big contracts. 

Even though most of the terms they want to target have small search volume, it’s OK because they are very valuable keywords. 

This site had good content, a few first page rankings, but this is such a lucrative industry just getting a few more clients could easily mean $100k+ a year difference per client – Some of the PPC costs were up to $130 per click! 

They had potential but just weren't seeing the traffic yet - that's where we come in!

The SEO Audit  

Whenever we take on a project with our managed SEO service, the first thing we do is audit the site. 

We look at keywords rankings, traffic, links, anchor text, and more. 

This site had no previous penalties. It did have some previous traffic, but it wasn’t growing. 

There was no over-optimization, and overall they just didn’t have enough link juice! 

We wanted to increase their link equity, as well as continue making sure we created consistent content. 

Keyword Research  

Finding Quick Wins 

We found 114 terms with volume between 10-40 a month, with an average CPC of $20. Clearly these are not large volume keywords because this is a very niche software, but like we mentioned earlier, this can be very lucrative. 

The majority of these terms were on page 2-3. We knew from the beginning we probably wouldn’t see impressive traffic graphs for easy wins, but it would make them lots of money if we could rank them for these. 

Looking At Competitors 

The competitive gap analysis helps us find the keywords that your competitors are currently ranking for that you are not. 

These keywords are usually great ideas for creating new content and helping you differentiate from the pack. 

We found 301 terms between 300 – 10,000 searches a month, all with CPC. There were lots of gems in there and we shared these ALL with the client. 

SEO Strategy 

This was a pretty sound fully managed SEO service strategy without too many variations. 

Here’s what we did: 

Month 1 

Month 2 – Same thing without repeating keywords 

Month 3 – Same thing without repeating keywords 

SEO Results 

We have only completed 2 months of links and they haven’t even taken full effect yet... 

..but look at this huge spike in keyword rankings: 

image 17

And the $$$: 

image 18


If you have a good amount of content, but you’re not getting rankings, build high-quality, diverse links and you can start realizing the traffic. 

Remember content + authority links is the key. 

Month 4+ starts getting really exciting because we see the results from the linking, have more to target, and can push more to page 1! 


As you can see, by following a strategic plan, you can get some pretty impressive results in a short period of time. 

These results came thanks to our fully In-House  SEO service program. 

We encourage everyone to be consistent in their SEO plan and stay on for at least 3 months to start seeing results. 


10X Increase In Traffic! 


Mrs. Masson Tutoring

Mrs Masson Tutoring

Below is a detailed case study about a client of ours Mrs. Masson Tutoring in the Education niche that got great results in only just a few months working with us. This client was on our managed SEO program. You can learn about the strategy behind all these case studies here. Let's get into it! 


This site was getting almost no traffic, even though it was registered in late 2013. The owner had spent a good amount of time on this site and built out a significant amount of pages, however, it still wasn’t getting hardly ANY traffic. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.21.58 PM

SEO Audit  

The first thing we always do is audit the site to see if it has any major underlying issues. 

This site had no penalties, it just never ranked page 1 for the target keywords. It also had no over-optimization, they just didn’t have many links. 

Keyword Research  

For keyword research, we always like to see what kinds of hidden potential a site might have that we can focus on for quick traffic gains. 

Below is a graph of the number of keywords they rank for in the top 100 positions. You can see that they have a ton of potential! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.22.28 PM

Easy Wins Analysis 

With our easy wins analysis, we look for keywords that are ranking somewhere in Google, but not in the top spots where the majority of the traffic is. If we can identify these, we can push them up and see quicker traffic gains. 

For this site, we identified 1001 easy wins keywords, ranking mostly on page 2-3 with traffic between 10 - 9,400ms, with CPC between about .50 cents - $6. 

This site had HUGE potential, but since the site wasn’t cracking page 1, it wasn’t getting much love. 

Content Gap Analysis 

With the content gap analysis, we look for competitor keywords that the site isn't targeting yet, and this becomes the basis for our content creation. 

For this site, we found 103 keywords volume between 150 - 2900 ms, with similar PPC costs to the easy wins. 

We worked with the client to pick out high priorities and selected some keywords based on their industry trends knowledge (This is why we work WITH the customers to understand business goals). 

SEO Strategy & Execution

Here’s what our campaigns looked like: 

Month 1: 

Month 2 - Very Similar: 

Month 3 - Similar, But got more anchor text diversity: 

SEO Results  

Since this site had a decent amount of content already, and had so many opportunities for easy wins, we really focused on getting those easy wins up to page 1. 

When we were able to do this - The traffic exploded:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.02.56 PM


This was only 3 months of work and this site has a ton more potential. 

If you’d like some help with your site (even if you’ve had a penalty or dropped in traffic), you might be interested so don't waste any more time and get the traffic you deserve let's start today! 


Huge ROI on SEO! 


Petit Bateau 

Petit Bateau Logo

This case study is a perfect example of just how profitable SEO can be compared to other sources. A great SEO strategy can lead to insane ROI and that's what we break down in this case study. Let's get into it! 



This company Petit Bateau is unique because it’s both non-US and even Non-English – It’s a French Paris Site. 

For most of our SEO products, we work natively in English but the client was OK with that even though it’s a French site. 

This was a good test to see if our strategy would hold up in a non-English use case, and it did. 

SEO Audit 

We always start with a full SEO audit to see what's going on with the site. 

This site had no penalties, it just wasn’t getting much traffic. 

They were slightly over-optimized for their money keywords, having 1 exact match at 28% and another at 25%. 

This wasn’t a big deal, as they just didn’t have many links, but still a consideration. 

Keyword Research  

Easy Wins – Find “Hidden Goldmines” 

We always look for quick wins when doing keyword research - keywords that the site is ranking for, just not at the top. If we target these, we can usually get quick traffic wins! 

This had less easy wins than some other sites, but that’s OK because it’s a local-focused site. Traffic is lower than other niches, but it will convert higher since there is higher intent. 

We found 43 terms with traffic between 20 – 1000 searches a month, with CPC between .20 cents – $5 a click. We started by focusing on some high priorities around the $4-$5 a click range. 

Competitive Gap 

We found 31 terms their competition was targeting. These had volumes between 20 – 1,600 ms with CPC between .10 – $3. 

Some of these keywords were local areas they hadn’t targeted yet, some of these were popular brand names of appliances that they work with, and some of these were great keywords for services they offer that they don’t have pages for yet, or weren’t optimizing. 

We showed them all of these! 

The SEO Campaign 

This one was a bit different than our other case studies in that they had actually started doing SEO on their own before they hopped on our managed SEO program. 

Their first order was placed in March 2016, and right after that, they got a nice bump. 

For some reason, they stopped and didn’t place an order until Aug 2017: 

image 9

They started ramping up orders around January 2017 with a mix of Large Diversity Links, Press Release services, etc: 

image 10

Mid 2018, they hopped on our managed SEO program and we went at it more strategically: 

image 11

Remember we have limited options, this is international AND foreign language, so here’s what the strategy looked like: 

Months 1-3 all the same 

Diversity Links 

Mix of Natural, Branded, and exact match since we have control.


As for the results? 

image 12


What’s even cooler is that they have spent in total, all-time with us $5,300.99. 

However, Ahrefs is reporting a traffic value of $8k PER MONTH. 

image 13

$8,000 per month = $96k per year they would have to spend on PPC!! 


The takeaway from this is that consistency is key. 

As you can see from the charts above, their SEO dropped off when they stopped taking action, and ramped back up when they got more consistent. 

By using our SEO strategy, you can uncover big wins for consistent results. 

No matter what type of business you are, we probably have a solution for you. 

In addition, it’s important to not focus on tons of traffic – focus on the RIGHT TARGETED traffic. 


From 100 to 2500 Monthly Visitors! 


Baseus Vacuums 

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In this case study, you are going to learn how we increased Baseus Vacuums an online store's traffic by 2400%. 

Ready to dive in? LET'S GET STARTED! 



This is an online e-commerce store that sells items that cost between ~$50 – ~$300 dollars each. The site originally was getting no organic traffic and was mostly relying on paid traffic. 

They started SEO by buying a few ala-carte SEO services but hadn't really committed until they joined our managed SEO program. 

There was a lot of opportunity for growth here! 

SEO Audit  

The first thing we always do is perform an SEO audit. We're looking for anything that could prevent them from ranking. 

The good thing is that this site didn't have anything holding them back, they just didn't have much content nor links. 

Keyword Research - The "Easy Wins" Analysis 

To kick off our keyword research, we always look to find keywords that they are starting to rank for, but aren't ranking at the top of the search engines quite yet. 

These are good targets because we can usually boost them up to see quicker traffic wins. 

We found 76 potential targets, mostly bottom of page 1 through page 3 all with CPC between .60 and $2.50. 

These URLs were a mix of product pages, category pages, and blog content. 

We worked with the customer to select a few high priority targets for quick boosts! 

Keyword Research - Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is designed to help you find keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you currently are not. 

This is a crucial step as it always helps generate new keywords that you can easily target with content. 

E-commerce is a bit different than other sites with content gap analysis. When you run it, you often get a ton of product names that you may not sell. 

We work closely with the client on these and pick targets together to make sure we're targeting keywords related to products that they have in their inventory. 

We found some killer keywords where we could write long articles about! 

The SEO Strategy & Execution 

This was a pretty typical campaign where we built consistent content and links to the site. 

For Months 1 – 3, we kept strategy the same: 

And for the results, the traffic starts improving when we started: 

image 7

Going Forward  

Now we have these awesome, long-form blog content ranking (AND they are valuable pieces of content, as opposed to just product pages), we’ll be able to do some surgical link building and get these pushed up even farther. 

What’s great is that we have LOTs of content to work with now… and it’s beginning to show! 

By following this strategy, we see Google starting to unlock the floodgates – This is showing the massive potential that we can target coming up:

image 8


Ecommerce needs content, and by writing long-form blog posts, you can start ranking for your valuable keywords. 

These pages are easier to rank, and you can do an internal link to your product pages. After you have the content, it makes getting good links 1000X easier! 

Want to get SEO results? Let's get started today! 


147% Traffic Increase in 60 Days


Used Autos of Orlando

RS 23 PCM Logo

Want to see how we increased Used Autos of Orlando a car dealership's website traffic by 147%?  Then this case study is for you! 

Like quite a few clients of ours, this dealership didn't come to us with a clean slate. Their rankings were dropping, their keywords were falling off, and their business was hurting. 

See how we were able to recover them after a Google penalty and turn their traffic around: 

image 3


This is a car dealership with several locations based out of the Fl. They focus on mid-high end luxury vehicles. 

Most of the terms they want to target have search volume on the lower end, but are extremely lucrative. 

Their goal was to first get their traffic back, as well as improve their rankings for a few key pages. 

Here’s how we did it: 

First Things First – The SEO Audit  

The first thing we always do when we get a new site is to audit their SEO history. 

This client was experiencing a significant drop in rankings due to the Google Core Algorithm Update in May. 

This site’s rankings were affected due to having thin and duplicate pages with little-to-no content as well as a high bounce rate. 

This type of problem is very common for auto dealers since most pages are typically just showing inventory pages. That also means there is a huge opportunity to win the traffic back! 

They had actually started using our link building services ala-carte and saw a bit of traffic returning, then hopped into our managed SEO program a few months later.

Focusing On Improving Existing Pages Rankings & Traffic With Easy Wins  

One of the first things we take a look at is improving traffic to existing pages. 

It’s common to find that many sites are close to ranking and getting traffic, but they just aren’t in the top positions yet. 

For this we run our easy wins analysis and find keywords that the site is ranking for with the following metrics: 

That way we can find targetable, valuable keywords and pages that are on the verge of ranking and can easily be improved. 

On this site, we found 460 potential targets, mostly on the bottom of page 1 through page 3 with CPC between $0.30 and $2.50. 

These terms / URLs were primarily product pages leading to specific cars that are available. The keywords have low difficulty, and we can capitalize on these to quickly increase traffic. 

Competitive Gap Analysis 

The next thing we do is take a look at keywords that your competitors are targeting that you are not yet, and then focus on building out content for these opportunities. 

The automotive industry is a bit different in terms of the content gap analysis. 

When analyzing the competitive gap in this industry, you’ll often find keywords that are irrelevant and not worth targeting (i.e – specific car models, geo-targeted keywords, etc.) 

Most of the top competing sites in this niche are thin on content, which allowed us to target the easy wins and create long blog content around them. 

Each week we did a combination of high-quality link building and strategic content.

SEO Results 

After targeting this site’s easy win key terms, we’ve bumped many of them to page 1. The top 10 keywords are currently all ranking on page 1: 

image 4

Here’s an example of their #1 exact match key term that experienced serious movement after the 3 month result period of using our managed SEO program. 

image 5


When this client switched over to our managed SEO service, their organic traffic and traffic value started to consistently increase every month. 

We focused on building out quality content on the site and a combination of our link building techniques. 

As you can see in the image below, the site's backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value are consistently improving as well. 

image 6

After a few consistent weeks of hard work, we’ve recovered this site’s organic traffic, bumped many of their keywords up to page 1, and doubled their organic traffic value! 

If you’d like some help with your site (even if you’ve had a penalty or dropped in traffic), you might be interested TheNerdnMe can get you back to the top of the search engines again so let's get started today! 


752 Leads in 30 Days


Leman Towing LLC

Lemane Towing

In this case study, I’m going to show you how TheNerdnMe took Lemans Towing a failing Google Ads campaign and turned it into an enormous success. In fact, we were able to generate 752 leads in the first 30 days of their campaign! 


Our goal was to generate new leads and have the sales team be able to follow up with the prospect while they're browsing the online inventory. 

Before they started using our PPC management service, they had spent over $8,000 in paid ads in a little over 3 months. 

They also spent tens of thousands on past agencies that, from what our client told us, “really didn't move the needle much” for their business. 

Campaigns - All Time (Before HOTH) - 77,094.90 their ad spend

So how did we turn this campaign around?  Let's break it down! 

Uncovering A Big Tracking Issue 

If you want to know if a campaign is working, you must have accurate tracking. 

The first problem we encountered when auditing this account was that the tracking was not set up properly. 

We saw that the tracking was reporting 10's of thousands of leads, so that seemed off. 

When we dug into it, we found that this account was counting a lead every time someone hit a general page on their site - not a thank you or confirmation page, but a general page on their website. 

Skewed PPC Lead Data

This resulted in the campaign reporting thousands of “leads” that didn’t actually exist! 

We wiped out any irrelevant conversion actions that skewed our data and started from scratch with new conversion tracking. 

Our conversion “goal” was placed on the thank you page after a lead fills out a form, so we know that we actually collected the information from the lead. 

Starting Fresh With New Search Campaigns 

In our campaign research process, we work with the client to figure out what are the driving levers of their business and what they want to target. 

Once we decide on a theme, we’ll do competitive research to figure out what angles are used by competitors, what the offer should be, etc. 

In this case, our client wanted to target a general audience looking for used cars, or junk cars in their area. 

Since the previous campaign’s data was skewed, we started fresh with 2 brand new campaigns. 

The first campaign was themed around "Home School" and the other campaign was a branded campaign. 

new ppc search campaigns

We crafted high-converting copy for the ads and paired them with tight ad groups. We always make sure we're using message match to get the highest CTRs! 

Then we used location targeting to limit where the ads were being served to only their local area. 3

Setting Up High Converting Landing Pages

In the past, the account was driving traffic to their homepage. 

This is usually not optimal for lead generation campaigns because homepages are typically not designed for conversions. 

Instead, we wanted to drive traffic to very specific landing pages that matched exactly what they were searching for and were optimized to convert highly. 

In this case, we developed a landing page to start based around used cars. We saw that the other competitors would send the traffic to the inventory pages because people want to browse the inventory, so this became our offer. 

This landing page collects the lead's information and offers to "view" the inventory. 

That way, we collect the information upfront and the client's sales team can follow up. 

The Results 

After setting up proper tracking, creating new campaigns, writing new ad copy, and creating custom landing pages, we turned on the traffic... 

...and the leads started pouring in! 

In fact, within 30 days we had already generated over 700+ leads! 

Form Fills: 528 
Phone Calls: 224 
Total Leads: 752 

That is not including over 1,033 site visits (Not to the landing page) and also 84 actions taken for directions. 

As we optimize this existing campaign, we also have plans to expand to other vehicle type-specific landing pages (used trucks, used SUVs, etc). 


With the right strategy, you can take a failing campaign and turn it around just like we did for this auto dealer. 

If you want help turning your campaigns around, getting more leads, or getting more ROI, out of your ads, or a high-converting responsive website lets get started today!